Lemon Grove Realignment Project

As many of you have already noticed, the Lemon Grove exit off of Highway 94 has been under construction for this last year. The Lemon Grove Realignment Project is intended to relief traffic congestion as well as making it more safe for motorists using this exit.

This ramp will lead drivers directly to North Avenue, giving them the option to cross the trolley lanes eastbound into Lemon Grove Ave. or westbound into Olive St. leading directly to Broadway.

We can see that Eastbound North Ave. is currently closed due to pending installation of signal equipment, however most of the lanes on the off ramp are now open and drivers are being routed towards Olive St. into Broadway, which is now signaled and fully functional.

Although the installation is complete, some of the signals are still not operational. You can tell when you see them looking sideways on the picture above.

The Lemon Grove Ave. off ramp now has multiple lanes to redistribute incoming traffic and will help improve the flow by giving motorists a chance whether to go over the trolley lanes or not.

New signage has also been installed along with new paving and striping.

The engineers behind this project also thought of using a water efficient landscape. Plants that are drought-resistant will help save water, keeping low maintenance costs in the future.


There are a lot of improvements and we are very excited that this project is about to be completed. For a full list and description of all the details regarding this project please visit the City of Lemon Grove’s website.

GTM Community Team