Lemon Grove Bonfire Recap

Lemon Grove Bonfire

We had so much fun at the City of Lemon Grove’s 24th Annual Bonfire to kick off the start of the holiday season! Were you there? There was some great food, music, lots of fun activities, PLUS GTM helped sponsor the Lemon Grove Bonfire! We also had a booth where we gave away tons of candy, coupons and two bikes with light-up wheels.

Lemon Grove Bonfire

We played a “Guess the M&M’s In the Jar” game. The two guessers with the closest number to the actual amount of M&M’s in our jar won the two light-up bikes!¬†


It was so great seeing some of your faces, giving out candy, coupons and getting in the holiday spirit! Check out some more pictures from the Lemon Grove Bonfire below!

Lemon Grove Bonfire - Bike Winner 1

Congratulations to one of our bike winners, Karla and her son!


Lemon Grove Bonfire - Bike Winner 2

Our other bike winner! Juan and his family got the other bike from our game.


Fun fact: the amount of M&M’s in the jar was 682. Both of our prize winners won with the same guess – 689! They were both the only guessers that were ten or less numbers away from the actual amount of M&M’s and they guessed at completely different times in the night. What are the odds?

























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