What GTM Stores Sells – A Pro’s Guide

Have you ever wondered what kinds of products you can buy at GTM Stores? As a local San Diego discount store, we source products from around the country to deliver the best prices to our customers. By buying closeouts, shelf pulls, and overstock items, GTM offers everything from health and beauty items to furniture, clothing, home goods, and electronics. Don’t forget to check out the grocery section, one of the most shopped sections of our stores.

The food and drinks you can find at GTM reduce unnecessary waste and pass on the savings to GTM shoppers. Of course, our selection does vary depending on suppliers. When available, we offer canned items, pantry staples, health food, chips, snacks, and drinks of all kinds. Additionally, many of our items may be close to the “Best By” or “Sell By” date. This is how we can price them so low. While big chain grocery stores constantly pull products and replace them with “fresh” stock, this contributes to a tremendous waste of perfectly safe, edible food.

According to the USDA, “confusion over the meaning of dates applied to food products can result in consumers discarding wholesome food. In an effort to reduce food waste, it is important that consumers understand that the dates applied to food are for quality and not for safety. Food products are safe to consume past the date on the label, and regardless of the date, consumers should evaluate the quality of the food product prior to its consumption.” To learn more about food dating, click here.

GTM is proud to offer quality items at low prices. Be sure to check out each location for a different selection every day! You’ll find our stores in Lemon Grove, Santee, and Chula Vista, all cities here in sunny San Diego County.