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GTM has a dedicated team of buyers always on the lookout for closeouts, overstock, and discontinued national-brand name merchandise from large chain retailers. We work hard to keep our prices low and offer great products that will “Get the Money” back in your pocket. When you’re shopping with us, our goal is to make you feel like a winner when you walk out the door.

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GTM will satisfy your craving for savings with our treasure-hunt shopping experience. GTM trucks are unloading tons of products to our stores on a daily basis. The merchandise varies from location to location, so there’s no easy way of telling what is and what isn’t in stock — thus the “treasure hunt” for savings! Before heading to one of our stores, we recommend checking our website for coupons and special sales.

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We do our best to provide you with the lowest prices in town and a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, we strive for improvement based on our customer reviews. So let us know what you think! Make your voice heard by tagging your finds on social media with #GTMfinds and tell us your story.

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Gerardo Gomez
Gerardo G.
20:13 29 Feb 24
muy Buenos productod a un muy burn precio
Jessie Gonzalez
Jessie G.
01:27 01 May 19
I heard about this store selling Costco branded returns. I checked in and although they had merchandise it wasn't much in regard to anything I was looking...
Ed M.
Ed M.
10:02 25 Dec 23
Always a great place to find good deals, lines are always long on the weekend
jl H
jl H
22:54 24 Feb 24
I totally recommend the store in Santee everyone always with their best attitude always happy to help you 😊
Hortencia Ponce
Hortencia P.
19:05 29 Apr 19
Shout out to the hard working employees at GTM in Santee. My husband lost his wallet in the store and it was returned with all his cash. Nice to know there...
Helen H.
Helen H.
18:17 08 Dec 23
Tashina Serna
Tashina S.
05:22 20 Feb 24
Very good prices ,,I like buy groceries
Patricia Preciado
Patricia P.
23:23 27 Apr 19
One of the cashiers with long black hair at the north register at around 5pm on the 4th was extremely slow. There was another cashier on the south cashier...
Paul A.
Paul A.
17:38 04 Dec 23
Great deals!
R Villalpando
R V.
04:13 13 Feb 24
me gusta mucho la tienda Gtm vengo cada domingo,para comprar comida etc
Yolanda Sandoval
Yolanda S.
23:36 14 Apr 19
We took our kids from another State to GTM. They were amazed at the selection of so many items. We all ended up getting a few things. However, there was one...
Lane A.
Lane A.
17:25 04 Dec 23
Julie Michel
Julie M.
01:32 07 Feb 24
open boxes but cheaper price with discount coupons
Antonio Tan
Antonio T.
20:58 10 Apr 19
Did some shopping at the Santee store and checked out with Cashier named Patty (order 0627, 11/1/23). I have read some bad reviews on employees so I want...
Fred H.
Fred H.
09:59 03 Nov 23
Marcela Gonzalez
Marcela G.
19:09 27 Jan 24