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GTM has a dedicated team of buyers always on the lookout for closeouts, overstock, and discontinued national-brand name merchandise from large chain retailers. We work hard to keep our prices low and offer great products that will “Get the Money” back in your pocket. When you’re shopping with us, our goal is to make you feel like a winner when you walk out the door.

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GTM will satisfy your craving for savings with our treasure-hunt shopping experience. GTM trucks are unloading tons of products to our stores on a daily basis. The merchandise varies from location to location, so there’s no easy way of telling what is and what isn’t in stock — thus the “treasure hunt” for savings! Before heading to one of our stores, we recommend checking our website for coupons and special sales.

GTMfinds Testimonials

We do our best to provide you with the lowest prices in town and a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, we strive for improvement based on our customer reviews. So let us know what you think! Make your voice heard by tagging your finds on social media with #GTMfinds and tell us your story.

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Based on 406 reviews
I love this store because of the specials they got, even when items have discount sometimes you can get more discounts when you pay, I haven't went to more
Jasmine A.
Jasmine A.
04:40 02 May 19
Long lines, messy, and a little stinky. Prices are good on most things, just be careful on items sold in Costco as well.
Delinda M.
Delinda M.
18:15 01 May 19
muy Buenos productod a un muy burn precio
Jessie Gonzalez
Jessie G.
01:27 01 May 19
I totally recommend the store in Santee everyone always with their best attitude always happy to help you 😊
Hortencia Ponce
Hortencia P.
19:05 29 Apr 19
Very good prices ,,I like buy groceries
Patricia Preciado
Patricia P.
23:23 27 Apr 19
me gusta mucho la tienda Gtm vengo cada domingo,para comprar comida etc
Yolanda Sandoval
Yolanda S.
23:36 14 Apr 19
open boxes but cheaper price with discount coupons
Antonio Tan
Antonio T.
20:58 10 Apr 19
Magníficos precios y calidad
Francisco Delgado
Francisco D.
21:24 09 Apr 19
One never knows what treasure may turn up. It's always such a fun excursion to daytrip to GTM. I try to leave time to travel to both more
Mary Smith
Mary S.
21:24 09 Apr 19
You can always find something that you want
Josie Terrell
Josie T.
17:43 08 Apr 19
I live 2 hours away and can hardly wait til we are in San Diego so I can visit the santee or lemon grove GTM stores! Or BOTH!❤️read more
Daphnelynn Jantz Major
Daphnelynn Jantz M.
22:03 07 Apr 19
I love GTM! I have shopped there for 30 years! They have what you need, even if you don’t know it yet!
Debi Ware Adcock
Debi Ware A.
01:27 07 Apr 19
Sus productos y ofertas que tienes en sus tiendas
Lilia Leon Magaña
Lilia Leon M.
03:34 06 Apr 19
They get Costco's clothing and other stuff at great prices! U have to get there before all of their sales are over to get great deals on everything! They tend to sell out of women's clothing in Large & XL. There usually have lots of sizes, but it seems that they have more Small sizes! This is at the store in more
Patty Brown
Patty B.
03:02 06 Apr 19
New items daily with good prices and great coupons
Gerald Rowson
Gerald R.
02:31 06 Apr 19
Excellent prices. Lots of selection.
Balot Delacruz
Balot D.
01:51 06 Apr 19
I love the Santee GTM! Been shopping there for many years and always find great prices on everything that I buy ❤️
Kimi Cooper Schirmer
Kimi Cooper S.
01:00 06 Apr 19
Good products at great prices.
Sandra Anderson
Sandra A.
23:41 05 Apr 19
Muy buena ofertas y especiales
Lorena Godinez
Lorena G.
23:02 05 Apr 19
It’s a great store, you always find good items at exceptional prices
Hector D Cardona
Hector D C.
20:50 28 Mar 19
todo lo que hay en la tienda.
Martha Báez
Martha B.
04:14 26 Mar 19
Productos de buena calidad a bajo costo
Merced Garcia
Merced G.
01:44 17 Mar 19
Buenos precios calidad cerca de mi cass
Leslix Felix
Leslix F.
02:49 12 Mar 19
we love shopping there.
Suzanne Higginbotham
Suzanne H.
00:19 08 Mar 19
ropa 'articulos para el hogar artículos de limpieza
Catalina Cortez
Catalina C.
02:01 04 Mar 19
I like their surprises ! It is fun every time i visit this store .
Karla Roman
Karla R.
07:17 02 Mar 19
Prices but warn them to check food carefully; it’s often stale and short code dated
Amy Kushner
Amy K.
18:56 01 Mar 19
Great prices. I just wish the people wouldn’t come with 10 people in the family
Lorraine Flint
Lorraine F.
18:15 01 Mar 19
Price and quality.Service and variation.
Beatriz Salazar
Beatriz S.
23:35 09 Feb 19
Find great deals every time I go!
Dor Rose
Dor R.
18:51 03 Feb 19
There's always something new.
Phyllis Grundy
Phyllis G.
15:17 29 Jan 19
Todo... tiene muy buenas ofertas y sus artículos son excelentes
Laura Bojorquez
Laura B.
05:37 29 Jan 19
GTM stores appear to have some sort of business relationship with Costco b/c you will find a lot of familiar items here if you're a frequent Costco more
Felicitas L.
Felicitas L.
09:38 22 Jan 19
the prices in the good merchandise
Letty Macias
Letty M.
04:46 22 Jan 19
Great bargains ! Love the diferente merchandise they have all the time
Abigail Bernal
Abigail B.
06:52 18 Jan 19
Los electrónicos y me gustaría que pusieran más cosas de hombre también los hombres compramos ropa y zapatos Jajajaja
Marcos Omar Corral Prieto
Marcos Omar Corral P.
03:03 14 Jan 19
very good price and good quality
Therice Ladez
Therice L.
16:56 11 Jan 19
they have awsome stuff for a good pricev
Manuel de los Rios
Manuel de los R.
19:09 09 Jan 19
Best deals in SD for clothes and patio stuff
Bill DeBussey
Bill D.
19:47 08 Jan 19
Been very pleased with all merchandise Purchased. Thanks for being here! Shirley
Shirley Jean Tipton
Shirley Jean T.
19:31 08 Jan 19
Fantastic prices and wide selection of many products 😊
Donna Morgan Turner
Donna Morgan T.
17:57 08 Jan 19
sus promociones son buenas
Irma Carvajal
Irma C.
16:44 07 Jan 19
su mercancía la mayoría de buena calidad y mejores precios.
Oralia Valle Meza
Oralia Valle M.
09:50 07 Jan 19
the Cupons good staf good clothes and shoes
Yolanda Morton
Yolanda M.
06:23 07 Jan 19
The prices and the quality of the merchandise, the discounts and coupon on everything
Lourdes Nájera
Lourdes N.
22:59 06 Jan 19
I save on designer brands! 😍
Heidi Snider
Heidi S.
04:35 06 Jan 19
best prices large selection great stuff love it
Zuzu Anderson
Zuzu A.
18:32 05 Jan 19
Great deals to be found. Shop often to find awesome savings!
Nita McGee Martinez
Nita McGee M.
17:46 05 Jan 19
Buenos precios en ropa de marca y además cupones de descuento
Lilia Soto
Lilia S.
16:05 05 Jan 19
You find great bargains at great prices.
Barbara L. Staten
Barbara L. S.
15:35 05 Jan 19
great prices , and varied selections per store.
Del Delos Angeles Pereira
Del Delos Angeles P.
14:25 05 Jan 19
good prices and excelent attention
Carmen Leticia Yee Salazar
Carmen Leticia Yee S.
07:32 05 Jan 19
Love the discounts from top name stores.
Trish Gary Miller
Trish Gary M.
07:08 05 Jan 19
awesome place, amazing deals!!!! I go there all the time!!!!
Dorte Dresher
Dorte D.
03:01 05 Jan 19
Love this new found adventure store!
Catherine Bautista
Catherine B.
02:16 05 Jan 19
Unbelievable prices! Great customer service.
David Montemurri
David M.
01:54 05 Jan 19
one of my favorite stores! Every time I visit San Diego I go at least once if not more!
Erin Lucki
Erin L.
00:49 05 Jan 19
Sus especiales y la calidad de los productos
Ariadna Villalobos
Ariadna V.
00:36 05 Jan 19
We got backpacks and no school supplies for lots of children to start school. à Great prices!
Mike Alcorn
Mike A.
00:23 05 Jan 19
Todos los articulos y muebles mas los cupones todo bien
Shelis JRivera
Shelis J.
01:20 29 Dec 18
It's the best and funnest scavenger hunt ever !!I'm addicted to scouring the store looking for deals 😁
Mireya Melendez-Lousteau
Mireya M.
08:28 26 Dec 18
Me and My Daughter shopped at the GTM in Lemon Grove on Broadway. We found pretty Good Deals. I bought 2 shark steam mops. That was 3 years ago. They still work great just like the Day I purchased them. plus these good strong plyers. It's like a Winter Wonderland shopping at GTM. Reminds me of more
Tisa Busby
Tisa B.
20:05 19 Dec 18
todos los artículos de la tienda
Hortencia Rodriguez
Hortencia R.
18:18 08 Dec 18
I can not believe that the employees have to open the doors right at 10 am sharp, when the line of people it's already obvious, I guess management don' more
Sal S.
Sal S.
10:01 06 Dec 18
Todo a los mejores precios!!
Lupita Lara
Lupita L.
20:37 30 Nov 18
ropa electrodomesticos farmacia
Irma Bohorquez
Irma B.
05:50 23 Nov 18
Todo me encanta ver qué descuentos ahy
Maria Elena Magdaleno
Maria Elena M.
21:39 15 Nov 18
Love the store and the prices.
Phyllis Fajardo Chavez
Phyllis Fajardo C.
22:46 04 Nov 18
me gusta todo lo que tienen en la tienda siempre encuentro lo que necesito y lo mejor con descuento
Sandra Herrera
Sandra H.
20:51 04 Nov 18
atención al cliente mercancía y precios
Carmen Calderon
Carmen C.
04:26 04 Nov 18
great deals lots of good deals
Billie Rauls
Billie R.
04:50 03 Nov 18
Friendly staff, lots of selection and much lower prices on most stuff.
Stacy Pitaluga
Stacy P.
20:20 25 Oct 18
Outstanding bargains with great customer service
Vincent O'Flaherty
Vincent O.
21:42 22 Oct 18
You always find something at a great price
Silvia Ortiz-Corona
Silvia O.
04:26 22 Oct 18
Clothing, health care products, furniture and season ornaments
M Carmen Laborde
M Carmen L.
06:23 21 Oct 18
Me encanta porque tiene muy buenos precios y varias marcas de diseñadores a buen precio.
Wendy Nieto
Wendy N.
17:41 20 Oct 18
Yo recomiendo los muebles de piel y reclnables a precios increibles como $250.00 y $400.00 personales y dobles. Y muchas cosas mas depende de lo que anden buscando como ropa, zapatos, trastes de cocina, electrdomesticos, comida para las mascotas, lacteos y muchas cosas mas toda la tienda esta llena de precios rebajados que no se pyeden encontrar en ninguna otra parte y luego usamos los cupones de la tienda del 20, 30, 40 ,y hastael 80% de descuentos y los precios bajan increiblemente. Comprando en GTM todos compramos mas cosas para la casa, familia, comida, y mascotas y vivimos mejor. Todos los productos de GTM son de alta more
Maria Elena Valdez
Maria Elena V.
01:59 20 Oct 18
Great deals and very nice employees
Thuc Bui
Thuc B.
01:46 20 Oct 18
Muchas ofertas y todo de buena calidad a bajo costo
Alejandro Kennedy
Alejandro K.
00:17 20 Oct 18
Great prices with great quality!!!!Tell your friends.....
Agustin Melgar
Agustin M.
00:17 20 Oct 18
GTM has the best prices on all kinds of merchandise!
Vicki Velazquez
Vicki V.
00:36 19 Oct 18
Aloe water, infomercial gadgets, and paternity tests. Oh my!If you've shopped at places like HomeGoods, Marshalls, Ross, or TJ Maxx, then GTM is more
Conrad R.
Conrad R.
06:46 17 Oct 18
La compras en ese lugar son muy baratas y muy buena calidad poca gente lo sabe pero esa tienda de saldos tiene mucha variedad recomiendo mucho ese lugar y no se les olvide pedir descuentos y promociones en cajaread more
Fernando Meléndez
Fernando M.
16:11 15 Oct 18
Many fun things over the many years of shopping
Deborah A Shamp
Deborah A S.
02:39 12 Oct 18
found the Best!! deal ever.
Patricia Coleman Casillas
Patricia Coleman C.
21:40 22 Sep 18
My favorite store. Lots of great deals on clothes,food items, etc.
Donald McCraig
Donald M.
19:57 20 Sep 18
long time shopper from Tijuana, gtm stores always have great values and deals and expect the unexpected every time you shop
Mario Fili Jauregui
Mario Fili J.
07:01 16 Sep 18
Excelentes precios , la ropa me encanta haí encuentras todo lo que nesecitas vicita GTM no te arrepentirás siempre abrá algo nuevo todos los días para more
Livier Terriquez
Livier T.
19:22 12 Sep 18
Maria Salgado
Maria S.
05:29 10 Sep 18
Good prices, good people and I Have been a customer over thirty years and I spend $ thousends in this store and I hope they bring back the deals they used to more
Shoaib Ghanizada
Shoaib G.
21:12 09 Sep 18
Sus grandes descuentos, la calidad de sus productos Y la atención de su personal.....
Maria Wong
Maria W.
09:58 08 Sep 18
Great value and quality in shopping for most of your needs
Brenda Thomas
Brenda T.
07:40 08 Sep 18
Great store!!! great prices!!! The best deals..!!!
Jovita Murguia
Jovita M.
06:37 08 Sep 18
Awsome deals, great quality groceries!!!!
Keren Matinez
Keren M.
05:33 08 Sep 18
Vivianna Garcia
Vivianna G.
03:54 08 Sep 18
good prices and special
Kostris Fletes
Kostris F.
03:14 08 Sep 18
I love this place!!!❤️❤️❤️
Cynthia Harper
Cynthia H.
03:04 08 Sep 18
tiene muy buenos precios y buena calidad
Alma Rosa Moreno Lujano
Alma Rosa Moreno L.
02:02 24 Aug 18
chip prices and good brands
Raul Zacarias
Raul Z.
02:03 07 Aug 18
They have great bargains! It is fun searching for that perfect item.
Deborah Burton
Deborah B.
05:26 04 Aug 18
Love this store and the prices. I buy pjs for 12 to 15$, comparable pjs at department stores are 3 times the amount, as each piece is priced separately. When they have products in the freezer section, you can always find a good deal. Bought Paul Newmans tea and lemonade in a quart size for $1.29. Many other items at great prices. Bought Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans for $15 and a 20% discount. What more can I more
Lee Halleck
Lee H.
23:33 03 Aug 18
love GTM!
Zelda Rose
Zelda R.
17:22 02 Aug 18
Muy buenas ofertas
Martin Lissandra
Martin L.
19:43 12 Jul 18
Great place to shop, but you have to do your homework, prices vary depending on the items... shop around...
Jose A Cruz Escoto
Jose A Cruz E.
03:12 07 Jul 18
This location is a bit smaller than the one in Lemon Grove, in my opinion. They didn't have a good selection of anything and the store had a more
Mel B.
Mel B.
14:38 30 Jun 18
Recomiendo zapatos, ropa,muebles,enlatados,linea de blancos, trastes, perfumes, joyeria en general todo y mas los precios
Josefina Novoa
Josefina N.
21:43 15 May 18
Me en canta sus bajos precios y sus cupones y ahora más por que la tengo muy cerca de mi casa
Davila Gaviota
Davila G.
20:40 14 May 18
Absolutely love yr store! Such a great selection of products and what a great customer service! Thank you!!
Laura Kirakosian
Laura K.
20:18 11 May 18
I’ve shopped at GTM since they began at the swap meet! I get THE best bargains. Their employees are great, helpful and courteous.Try them, you will like them��read more
Mary McMillan
Mary M.
14:20 05 May 18
First of all I have to day upon reading the reviews i was very hesitate on going to this store because i have young kids. We still decided to check more
Janenda D.
Janenda D.
22:38 21 Apr 18
Could have been a bit cleaner and a bit more organized. I was expecting better prices on some items I found. I'm sure we'll drop by again, but not going more
Christopher B.
Christopher B.
16:52 21 Apr 18
I can always find something I can’t live without! From Nutz to bolts.
Gina Jacobs
Gina J.
15:45 03 Mar 18
Excelentes ofertas y más aprovechando los cupones. Muy buenas marcas! Cierran muy temprano.
Jorge Ayllon
Jorge A.
04:44 03 Mar 18
Decorated whole house from GTM at a quarter of the price I would have paid retail. I LOVE THIS STORE.
Azriel Grudzien
Azriel G.
04:33 03 Mar 18
Some great prices, and some randomly marked up ridiculous prices... you can find a great bargain most of the time, but you have to be very more
Shawna Sweeney
Shawna S.
04:17 03 Mar 18
Not bad, not a great selection, but prices were nice
Jerry Sok Nunez
Jerry Sok N.
23:00 24 Feb 18
Some items price same at costco, some cheaper.I am ok.
Chan Leu
Chan L.
17:58 19 Feb 18
Their prices are much higher than two years ago. Especially the toys, they are cheaper at toys are us than at gtm or are at the same price but with brand new box. The costco stuff as well , even though a lot of it is a returned open box the price at gtm appears higher. Some of the paddle boards were left in bad condition on the floor, with no fins, so they became unusable . Gtm managers were not going to lower the price on it, no matter the condition, and I found same on in better condition and half price on eBay. Unless there is a coupon it is not a big deal anymore. Fix your prices people!read more
Stoyka Bogoeva
Stoyka B.
14:49 30 Nov 17
love to explore finding cool stuff at low prices !
Jon Phillips
Jon P.
02:10 05 Oct 17
Me gusta mucho comprar en GTM, sólo que cierran temprano, pero en las especiales me encanta �
Aracely Ramírez
Aracely R.
15:42 02 Oct 17
Sale price? It's like they giving it almost for free! Gotta Love GTM store 😊👍
Maria Gina Corpuz
Maria Gina C.
03:10 16 Sep 17
GTM is awesome! I find really great deals and different deals everyday.
Denise Robinson
Denise R.
08:02 26 Aug 17
I wish some of their prices were cheaper like back in the day. A lot of their costco stuff is the same price as costco. Sometimes the item is on sale at costco which makes it cheaper than gtm. Got a six pack of toilet paper at gtm for 2.65, compared the price at costco which was 2.66 for a six pack (15.99 for 6 six packs).read more
Bernardo Guardi
Bernardo G.
07:33 05 Aug 17
Awesome deals from cold food to household goods first time there yesterday I'll go again. The only downside to the store is that the dry goods side is very very disorganizedread more
Evangelina Soto
Evangelina S.
01:13 01 May 17
Me gusta esta tienda lo único que no me gusta es que la cierran muy temprano �
Alma Rosa Ramos
Alma Rosa R.
21:53 23 Apr 17
The stuff I find! It's like a treasure hunt!! Plus I save over 90%
Janice Michel Tellez-Hanna
Janice Michel T.
21:00 06 Mar 17
I love to find good deals 🙂 Watches, clothes, coats, you name it!!!
Kimberley Smith Edwards
Kimberley Smith E.
20:23 22 Nov 16
As a past employee I can say that they treat their staff very well. Everyone is family! Open a store in Co and Ed Kinegak and I will be first to apply!read more
Penny Kinegak
Penny K.
21:00 28 Sep 16
I've been shopping at GTM for years i love it there everybody is so friendly and i always find Something I need
George Cordova
George C.
01:34 22 Sep 16
I love geats deals. Wish we had one in Riverside county!
Darla Radcliffe-Pokorski
Darla R.
07:15 24 Jul 16
We discovered GTM several years ago, and have been hooked on their many great deal ever since! Many of their offerings are Costco closeouts, including great leather furniture and televisions at a fraction of the original cost! We and all of our five children have bought tv's there!read more
Ed Leon
Ed L.
15:13 13 May 16
I love the Jason toothpaste! its natural..and kinda a whitener too!
Maria Elena Bonilla
Maria Elena B.
02:04 05 Feb 16
My favorite store!!!!
Cruz Holguín
Cruz H.
22:54 15 Apr 14
I like this store!!
Hilda Judith Ochoa
Hilda Judith O.
04:59 29 Dec 13
Get the Money in Lemon Grove is good retail therapy.
Susan Giberson
Susan G.
20:04 20 Dec 13