GTM Red Zone Challenge (RZC) 2019

> Each Aztec Football game during the regular season will feature the GTM RED ZONE CHALLENGE (RZC).

> All GTM subscribers automatically qualify to win prizes! Click here to subscribe now.

> Every time the Aztecs have the ball in their red zone (20 yard line or closer to the end zone) the GTM RZC will be played.

> The radio announcer will let listeners know that the GTM RZC is happening and will announce a random GTM subscriber to play.

> If the Aztecs score, announcer will announce GTM subscriber‘s name and that he/she is a winner and will receive a $50 GTM gift card and a chance to win 4 tickets to the next Aztec home Football game.

> If the Aztecs don’t score on that particular possession, the GTM subscriber will not win a GTM $50 gift card, but will be entered to win the 4 tickets to the next home game.

> GTM RZC will end on November 30, 2019.


-The GTM Online Community Team