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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Mission of GTM is to provide a superior shopping experience in a friendly environment with employees dedicated to good service. We will achieve this mission though teamwork and dedication to the Company's Core Values, and Seven Rights.

Buyers Mission: Supported by all employees, is to enhance the image of GTM by securing products which offer quality and value at the best possible prices.

General Mission: To earn the highest compliment our customers can give us; the referral of their friends and family.

Thank you for your trust!

GTM Core Values

  1. Integrity
    Honest and truthful presentation of the facts, demonstrated by our faithfulness to our Core Values.
  2. Positive Attitude
    The choice to create a productive work environment through care and compassion.
  3. Mutual Trust
    Relationships extended, created and built on proven reliability, because parties agree.
  4. Communication
    Timely, open, honest, pertinent, accurate, courteous, complete and consistent sharing of relevant information.
  5. Commitment
    Dedication and determination to achieving our Core Values, Vision, and Mission goals, to the best of our ability.
  6. Determination
    A decision to reach and exceed our productivity standards in all aspects of performance.
  7. Dependability
    Accepting accountability and responsibility to follow-through with excellence.
  8. Loyalty
    Ensuring one another's success through the attainment of the Core Values.
  9. Celebration of Diversity
    Encouraging the acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences, promoting diversity of thought and welcoming diversity of talents and abilities throughout the organization.
  10. Cooperation
    Mutual support of the workers and the work.
  11. Training
    Establishment of consistent paths of development, growth, and achievement for all employees.
  12. Right Rewards
    Sharing the benefits of reaching and exceeding our goals.
  13. Innovation
    Freedom to seek and own creative solutions within your scope of authority and responsibility.
  14. Service
    The decision to support another's success.

Vision Statement

The purpose of GTM is to provide a rewarding shopping experience in a secure and positive environment, encouraging courtesy, cooperation, and teamwork.

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